Epic Meal Time

On the topic of bulk buying, nothing screams excess more than the food at the Epic Meal Time HQ.

Starting out as a group of students who love eating, the men have created their own brand by piling together all their favourite foods, mainly meat, and creating meals both fascinating and grotesque in equal measure. Here, in one of their first videos, the men create a pizza covered in as many different fast food meals as they can fit on:

Watching the boys at work instantly reminds me of many a slightly hung-over Saturday where the boys in my flat would hopelessly shuffle their way to the nearest McDonald’s, dehydrated and sleep deprived. Stepping through the grease-smeared glass doors there would be an instant change in demeanour. It would become a race to the counter and they’d straight away opt for the wildly competitive 40 nugget challenge (+ giant milkshake of course!).

My hungover friend Toby attempting the 40 nugget challenge (+chips+milkshake)

Upon impressive completion 

Of course my experience of witnessing an ‘epic meal time’ is on a much smaller, and less concerning scale but there are definitely similarities in male ego and food excess. Worryingly, many items on the McDonald’s menu are less than £1 meaning that theoretically it would be cheaper for a student to buy a 99p Saver Burger and fries everyday than it would be to buy fresh fruit and veg, (that’s not even counting the purchasing of any meat to accompany it). It is clearly a lot easier to save money by sticking to fast food and frozen items unless the student cares enough to be canny with their food shop.

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