A Frugal Farewell

Although our country is not fighting a world war and none of us are begging on the streets of a poverty-stricken and diseased Dickensian London, being a student can often be tough! There is little money to spare once expenses like tuition fees, rent and bills are extracted from your struggling student account. So students need to start thinking outside of the box if they want to keep themselves full, healthy and warm. There is no benefit to fast or frozen food, we just need to follow these 5 basic guidelines that I’ve really learnt from writing this blog:

5) Always keep tabs on the use-by dates on your items. If your vegetables are starting to go off, never throw them out! Throw them all into a blender with some boiling water and stock and make yourself a warming soup.

4) Always work out what you can make from the food already in your cupboard before you head out to buy anything more.

3) Delay your supermarket shop to post 8pm; meat, as well as other items, is discounted greatly at this time and can always be frozen for use later in the week.

2) Get creative with cooking – find a nutritious recipe and challenge yourself to find all the items for under the price of a meal from the frozen aisle.

1) Do one big shopping trip weekly rather than popping into a smaller shop every few days. But when you do, make a shopping list of what you NEED, and stick to it!

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